How we found our property

How we found our property

How we found our property

Arriving in Paraguay on January 8, 2022, we did not yet know what would unfold before us. To all questions in this direction, we could only answer with:

“We do not know, but we will find out!

It was clear to us that we are not here for ourselves. That it is not about us, but that we will be part of something much bigger, which exceeds our small ” ability and performance”.
We knew God was preparing something – and our greatest longing was to enter into all of it!

Two days after our arrival we went to look at the first property. Then a second. And a third. After Benny flew 10 days later back to Switzerland to finalize everything there, I looked at more properties here.
The difficulty was that we had no idea what we needed – because it was not clear what we were here for; should the property be small or big? If big, how big? Should it be in the village, or somewhere outside? And what purpose should it serve? …. Many important questions to ask when looking at a property!
But by looking at the different plots of land, a picture crystallized in my heart of what we need approximately;
At least 8Ha, a bit away from the village but easily accessible. Not in the shape of a long rectangle (as most plots here are) but square. With woodland and a spring on it.
A few weeks after we arrived – sometime in the month of February – we had a comment under our YouTube video where we told that we were now here in Paraguay.
It was a family from Germany who was excited to know that we were here and wanted to meet with us.
It turned out that this family lived only 3km away from us!
We met for coffee and cake and our hearts found each other immediately.
They asked me (Benny was still in Switzerland),

“What kind of property are you looking for?”

I explained our dilemma, but also what kind of ” image of a plot of land” I see in my heart.
She and her husband looked at each other, puzzled, and told me that a year ago, when they came here, there were many more plots of land for sale. That they had bought two – one for themselves and their extended family, one for someone who will one day come and do what God has prepared for them here. They explained to me that this property was just like the picture that had formed upon my heart;
8,2Ha, a bit away from the village but easily accessible (Our children’s school is about 10min drive away, as well as the nearest store). Not in the shape of a rectangle, as most plots here are but square. With woodland and a spring on it.

That very same day I went to look at the property with them – and knew in my heart;

“This is the property that is ready for us!”.

When Benny came back a few weeks later, we looked at it together, It was a longer process of a few weeks for him to decide:
While he did not doubt my perception and what I believed; but for him it was clear, he has the responsibility to decide if the also wants it and needs to be able to say “yes” from his heart. He talked to the neighbor, the people who would put the power up to here… gave thoughts like: Do I want this? Can I live with it? Am I okay with investing life, time and money on this property?
One day, we returned from viewing another property a little further away and suddenly it hit him: this is my home, this is where I belong. This 8.2Ha square plot is what I want to invest myself in for the next few years!

Within a short time we completed the purchase and at the end of May we moved onto this property – still with minimal comfort but with plenty of excitement and joy in our hearts knowing that we are so wonderfully guided!