The story which started before the foundation of the world

The beginning was the “It is finished!” on the cross. But is that true?

When was the moment that God, the Father, decided that out of inconceivable, pure, divine love for us humans, He is willing to sacrifice His only Son – for us?

The Bible says: JESUS is the Lamb who was slain before the foundation of the world.

It is so amazing to me that the Three: God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit have thought, agreed and planned this before the foundation of the world.

So nothing is surprising, nothing confuses the Godhead and nothing shocks them… it is a plan that cannot go wrong because the Lamb paid for it long ago.

It is a plan that casts its shadow throughout the Old Testament and through the old covenants, towards Jesus who completes everything and has already accomplished what was discussed together.

The New Covenant, the wonderful plan of the Father with the Son, who wants to take us all into the crucifixion, burial and resurrection to a new life out of the Spirit, to a life as one of the many sons of God, for whom the whole creation longs – it was already conceived and carried out eternities ago!

And today – today we may be part of it:
Partakers, co-heirs, brothers of Jesus, followers of Jesus, kings, priests, bride of Christ, full of passion and longing for the Bridegroom, who nevertheless already dwells in us… loving all people out of gratitude, because HE LOVED us FIRST!

We are already blessed with everything in Christ, infinitely loved, accepted, healed, restored, redeemed and freed from all bondages, without shame, made perfect, holy, righteous, dead to sin, more than overcomers, freed from all curses, made rich, … !

Let’s celebrate it and let’s live it and let’s take in who can be taken in!

Claudia Margit Kurz

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