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Does our vision resonate with you?

In order for you to experience lasting change in your life while with us, a commitment, focus, and willingness to give of your time and attention to your process with Jesus is required on your part. Do you want this?

Then you are welcome to stay with us!

Use the contact form below to inquire about a stay. If you have many questions that you would like to clarify first, you can also use the general contact form.

It is our heart to create a place of peace and freedom.

Freedom from religion, control, manipulation, pressure, external expectations and theological debates.

A place where you can quiet your heart and listen to the voice of God, where you deepen intimacy with Jesus.

A place where you can take time out from what overwhelms you in your daily life, and where you can take time to rest and align yourself with God’s perspective for your life.

It is a place where you are allowed to take care of your own heart and take personal responsibility for your life.

Jeanne and Benny

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