About me 

About Me

Welcome! I am so glad you are here!

My name is Jeanne and I am from Switzerland. However, I have French and Scandinavian roots, a “corazon latino” (latin heart) and I love different cultures, languages and countries.
Before I got married in 2009 I lived in several countries around Europe and North and South America. I worked at several places, working in different jobs as a shop assistant, a waitress, in conference centers and small hotels. From 2000 to 2008 I also worked with YWAM in Switzerland and Bolivia. In 2008 I completed my study as a small children educator.

Today I‘m happily married to Benny and together we have four beautiful children. He is a successful and capable owner of a car-garage.
Mostly, I spend spring- and autumn vacations camping with my kids somewhere around the Mediterranean sea. This is the time my husband is most involved in his work and our children and I are having some quality time, fun and adventure and we’re enjoying the mild climate.

Two years ago I started my other website www.familythatmatters.com. There, I poured out my heart for families, education, personal growth and faith. To this day, there are more than 100 articles available in four languages, and I continue writing around this subject.
However, there is another subject burning on my heart:

Ever since I can remember, freedom has been a cry of my heart.

First for my own life – I felt captive by the views and opinions over me. Parents, doctors, and teachers -the list goes on. But after – and even while – I went through a healing process my heart also started to cry for healing for the people around me.

Some time ago, I found an old journal entry, dated from 24. June 2000:

 24. June. 2000

Later I want to be a doctor. A doctor for the ones who are hurt in their soul, spirit and heart.
Or even better – a nurse. The doctor will be God, my God.

Tonight I went to this pub with Jocelyn. We had a great time, it was fun.
Then came the moment he wanted to kiss me. I simply put two fingers in front of my mouth, so that he couldn’t. I explained to him that I would leave overseas in 6 weeks and that would be the reason I can’t be with him.
But deep down, this was not the reason why.
I have a dream.

I have this dream to have a man that has the same heart for people as me.

I want to become a person who is able to help people into freedom.
I want to become a person that can help others enter into the freedom of acceptance, love and forgiveness.

I want to help them understand the why and the how.

For now, I am not there, yet. Not yet.
In fact, I‘m far from it.
However, I believe in an almighty God, who is amazing, capable and powerful, and has lots of patience. And he knows my heart.


Today, February 2019: 

13. February 2019

Almost 20 years later, this website is part of this dream.

Here I will share what I have learned over all those years. I will share what I learned during those years when I found myself in this process of entering into a freedom that matters.

A freedom that makes a difference in this world.

A freedom that enables me to be someone who is helping others in this process. There is little that makes me more passionate than seeing people grow, make steps, discover who they are created to be and walk their way into freedom.

Of course, even in my own life, this process is not done yet. There is much more to discover, to learn, to understand and to enter into. However, I am much closer to this dream than ever.

Therefore, this page will also include the things I learn and discover in the present.

There will be voices on the website who share their knowledge, understanding and their stories.

I am so grateful that God indeed is an almighty God, amazing, capable and powerful, with lots of patience. His love is relentless, his grace incomparable and he is oh so faithful!

A life story about freedom…