The heart

Science and the Bible agree that the heart is not only an organ that keeps you alive by pumping blood through your body…. but your heart has its own memory with many neurons, like a brain!
We are responsible for what we let into our heart and it is our responsibility what we do with the situations over which we have no control.
There are more than 800 scriptures on the subject of the heart and Proverbs 4.23 tells us;

Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life..”

The more you study the heart, the clearer it becomes how true and serious these words are.

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For many years we have believed that the brain commands our body, but is this true? We know that there is a constant communication between heart and brain, but which one of them is more important? What does God say about this?

When we look at what the Bible says about the heart and what science has discovered about it, we see that the heart is not only a muscle that pumps blood; it has the capacity to think! And it is exactly this capacity – newly discovered by science and revealed by God thousands of years ago, through hundreds of Bible verses about the heart – that determines what we experience in our every-day life. Therefore, how much of the finished work of the cross we experience has nothing to do with God, but with our own heart.

In this book you will begin an amazing journey that will lead you to learn how the heart works, and to radically transform your life through the transformation of your own heart. After all, you will always have what your heart believes!

Are you hungry for more and longing for more teachings on how the heart works and how you can write new messages on your heart and step into freedom in a short time?
Here you’ll find a collection of the teaching Around the Heart, all to be found on the YouTube channel of Reinhard Hirtler.
Also it has videos of Jim Richard, who has published complementary messages that are in the same spirit on YouTube.

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