From the desert to the Garden of Eden

Originally, there were only a few fruit trees on the property.
orange tree, a tangerine tree, a pomegranate tree, three guayaba trees and a persimmon tree. In addition, we had planted bananas and pineapples right at the beginning and created a garden.
But now, in one batch, thanks to the help of a friend, we have planted 150 different plants. From fruit trees to palm trees, coffee, cacao, various berries, etc. etc.
In a few years there will be many delicious fruits to discover here.

Update: In the meantime we have planted everything and bought about 30 more plants – mostly trees like La Pacho, weeping willow, orchid tree – flowers like Santa Rita, magnolia and laburnum!

Sarah did research for us and spent a lot of time creating an order of trees, berries, and other plants!

After a period of acclimatization, trees and bushes were planted in the ground.

The plants arrived to us in very good condition – in the next 4-10 years we will be able to harvest a wide variety of fruits!

A wonderful variety of plants are now ready to transform our property from wilderness to a Garden of Eden.