Welcome to freedom that matters!

Welcome to freedom that matters!

What is your definition of freedom?

My definition of freedom shows in my own life.
I’ve grown out of being this insecure girl who is feeling rejected, fearful and without proper identity. I’ve grown into the woman of destiny I am today.
I have found freedom from many of the things that held me back.

Freedom from many of the lies and deceptions in my mind that held me captive and robbed me from many experiences and opportunities in my life.

In that search for freedom, I learned that freedom is not equal to doing what we want. Freedom doesn’t mean to eliminate any limits, structures, laws, values and moral compasses.

Therefore, this website is about freedom – and also about truth.

Contrary to the saying that „truth hurts“ I believe that truths doesn’t hurt – the lie we believe behind the truth does. Truth always sets us free.

Freedom comes when we break free from the lies about God, ourselves and the world that holds us captive.

In the next few months, I will upload a new article every other week. These articles will be about

Freedom with self (body, soul, spirit)
Freedom with others (family, friends, work, etc)
Freedom from dependencies (anything around the subject of dependencies)
Freedom with God (subjects touching God, religion and true freedom) 

Feeling or Identity – that difference will change your life

It is difficult to get rid of something you think is part of you. In this video share my journey from believing that this feeling was my identity to the understanding that this a feeling, as real it is can be - is not who I am, not my identity - and how this...

What Easter means to me – Video

In this video, I share some thoughts about Easter and explain what a PowerPoint presentation made in 2002 has to do with it.  Mentioned song: Parce qu'il vit Music in the video: On the cross

What we can learn from Ruth’s story

How are you doing? How is life in this special time where Covid 19 is the main topic, influencing every aspect of society and personal life? Soon we will get into Easter break which is a good thing: that means we can slow down with our homeschooling and invest more...

How to stay calm in testing times

Last week I received a voicemail from a friend in Seattle – we live 5000 miles apart, with a time difference of 8 hours. I was amazed however, how our lives look very similar right now.  Both of us entered into the realm of home schooling our kids, our daily life is...

Encouraging Thoughts Concerning our Current Situation

At first I thought there was enough being said on the topic...But I notice how most of the news contribute to the insecurity, uncertainty and the resulting fear and panic.Therefore I would like to encourage you with this short video and contribute to security, and...

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